Protecting the Health & Environment of District 14

The Bronx is ranked as the least-healthy county in New York State. We need to improve the quality of our health systems to guarantee that the people of the Bronx live longer healthier lives.
— Randy Abreu

If Elected Randy Abreu Will...

  • Ensure low-income Bronxites access to affordable clean energy through the creation and expansion of micro-grids and efficiency programs;

  • Establish green energy initiatives that promote urban sustainable development throughout the Bronx;

  • Retrofit New York City school buses and apartment buildings with locally-manufactured Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), which will cut down on harmful greenhouse gas emissions that pollute our air and contribute to the our community’s asthma epidemic;

  • Enforce existing mold removal laws to protect tenants from the harmful and toxic effects of mold exposure as well as cracking down on landlords that refuse to ensure safe living conditions for their tenants;
  • Demand that NYCHA provide safe, mold-free housing to all public housing residents;
  • Stand up to corporate polluters who create excess garbage in our streets.
According to the 2017 Dynamics of Family and Homelessness, District 14 has no health or immunization facilities.
— ICPH USA 2017