Ensuring justice for all bronxites

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In 2016, Randy was sworn into the New York State Bar by Judge Rolando Acosta. During the ceremony, Judge Acosta remarked that Randy and his classmates were “now guardians of the public good.” As both a born-and-raised Bronxite and as a practicing attorney, Randy understands the importance of ensuring justice for all and believes that safer streets are within reach if there exists a mutual respect between law enforcement and the communities to which they are obliged to protect.


  • Create safer streets with improved community policing and police accountability by building stronger relationships between communities of color and the New York City Police Department;

  • Demand that the City end solitary confinement for juveniles;

  • Ensure that the City follow through on its pledge to close the Rikers Island Prison Complex;

  • Expand access to free legal representation for Bronx residents;

  • End unconstitutional searches by the NYPD by passing the ‘Right to Know’ Act;

  • Pass legislating that requires that all NYPD officers identify themselves when stopping, detaining or searching any Bronx resident.