Randy Abreu, backed by nearly 200 individual donors, exceeds $16,000 in first CFB filing

Bronx, NY (City Council District 14) – Candidate for City Council Randy Abreu announced today that his campaign raised over $16,000 in monetary contributions before the March 11 filing deadline with the New York City Campaign Finance Board (NYCCFB).

Without the benefit of any institutional support or media coverage, the Abreu campaign received 191 unique individual contributions – the most of any candidate in the Council District 14 race and more than doubling the amount of unique contributions received by the incumbent. 34 of those contributions came from residents inside District 14, more than five times the amount received by the next closest candidate and almost half the amount needed to qualify for the NYCCFB’s public matching funds program.

The average donation was $84, also the lowest of any candidate in the race. In the two weeks preceding the deadline, Abreu for City Council also raised over $1130 per day, on average. Roughly 90% of donations came from working-class people who contributed $175 or less to the Abreu campaign.

On the numbers, Abreu said, “From students and waitresses to ironworkers and teachers, these numbers only reinforce the fact that our movement is one that is fueled and continually strengthened by a groundswell of support from the progressive grassroots, and it’s a testament to the collective desire of District 14’s residents to usher in a progressive era in our communities.”

Randy Abreu is a progressive Democrat running for New York City Council District 14. Raised in the Bronx, Abreu – a young lawyer – wants to help give back to the community that raised him. Having previously worked for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and in the administration of former President Barack Obama, he has the knowledge and experience necessary to represent the people of Council District 14 at City Hall.